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Rebecca shares the shortcuts to success she has discovered along the way.  You can avoid learning the hard way or going it alone.  A residential interior design career can be inspiring, satisfying and allow you to live the life you have always dreamed of!  Rebecca covers all the must-know topics each month to jump-start your career and elevate your life.  Monthly downloads, coaching calls, book clubs and community discussions are all waiting for you in MY DESIGN MENTOR!

A Note From Your Mentor

I have learned so much over the years that I wish I had known starting out.  I didn't even know where to look for a design mentor as a newbie since at that time, it seemed the industry used to be so closed about their "trade secrets" and had such a scarcity mindset, designers were afraid every up-and-coming designer would steal their clients if they told them how they ran their business.  Truth is, there is plenty to go around!  I choose to think abundantly and see the new generation of designers as having so much potential to elevate our industry that I want to give them as many tools as I can so they can shortcut their way to success!  Thankfully, I see we have started to turn a corner and conversations are happening to allow designers to work together and share knowledge.  I want you to join our conversations at MY DESIGN MENTOR and get the tools you need to have a satisfying career.

About Rebecca

Rebecca Ward is CEO and Principal Designer at Rebecca Ward Design.  Her 15+ years in the industry has taught her many things about being a residential designer. From working for other firms to owning her own firm, Rebecca is here share her knowledge to help you start your career as an interior designer the right way!

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